Comprehensive Telehealth Platform

Practice from anywhere, anytime and any device

What does Telehealth mean?

Telehealth — sometimes called telemedicine — facilitates delivery of care to a patient without an in-person office visit. Telehealth is done primarily online via your browser or smart phone app.

One Platform Many Application

Concierge and Private Practices

GenieMD Telehealth is a comprehensive secure HIPAA compliant platform for individual providers or clinics.

  • Simple pricing $25 per provider per month.
  • ePrescription $50 per provider/month.
  • Quest Diagnostic Ordering $25 per provider/month.
  • Interpreter services in 240+ languages including ASL.
  • Cancel anytime - No contract required,
Hospital At Home, Employers, Schools  
  • Enage patients at home by providing a Tablet and vital tracking devices and enable caregivers to triage and connect them to a telehealth provider.
  • Providing telehealth services to employees of self-insured employers offers numerous benefits, positively impacting both employees and the employers themselves.
  • GenieMD School Nurse Solution provides easy triage of a student by using devices to measure vitals such as Temp, BP, Glucose, and weight and provide an evidenced based report using the built-in guided questionaire to streamline the remote doctor's diagnosis and treatment. The proivder can easily invite  student's parents or an interpreter to the call.
Health Systems and Payers
  • As a health insurance company, incorporating telehealth, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), and Chronic Care Management (CCM) into your services can bring numerous benefits to both your organization and your members.
Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacies
  • Shorten the time between patient seeing your internet ad to consulting with a board certified physician to discuss the benefits of your drugs.
  • Enage Pharmacists in the patient's circle of care by enabing onging communication and offering additional services such as at home tests, transportation services, and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM).

Full Featured Capabilities

Telemedicine Visits

  • Asynchronous/Synchronous
  • Scheduled visits
  • Waiting Room including Lobby
  • Multi-Party high quality video calls (Builtin ZOOM) + Desktop sharing
  • Interpreter services for 240+ languages and dialects including ASL


  • Credit Card Processing
  • Subscription Plans
  • Support for insurance and billing
  • Insurance eligibility check
  • Billing reports

Built-In EHR

  • Patient Medical Records
  • Patient Portal
  • Support for insurance and billing
  • Seamless support for cellular Blood Pressure, Glucose Meter, SPO2, Scale and more...
  • ePrescirption + Custom Pharmacy integration
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • BAA

Advanced Features

  • Quest Diagnostics Lab Ordering
  • Integration with At Home Labs
  • Uber integration
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Native support for iOS, Android & Web
  • White Label and Customization
GenieMD is HIPAA Compliant
GenieMD is Legitscript Certified
GenieMD is the recipient of 2021 Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award
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