Urgent Care to

Primary Care to

Continuous Care



Urgent Care to

Primary Care to

Continuous Care



Health Systems

Extend care to the home (Telehealth, RPM, RTM and CCM); Reduce ED visits, lower Re-admits; improve quality of care


Increase access, control cost, increased productivity; clinical services from the workplace to the home

Health Insurers

Increase access, improve quality, advance member’s path to wellness


Talk to a Provider, Online Concierge Experience, Clinical Trial Monitoring

GenieMD enhances the pathways of care by providing our partner clients a white-labeled virtual care platform that reaches across the continuum of care.

Use Cases

School Health Center

A full care management solution coupled with clinical services to support the need for on-demand access to care, addressing that nagging cough, sniffle or earache to scheduled services with the care team, inclusive of specialist and behavioral health resources to address the needs of the student and/or staff member.  The platform permits multiple engagement modalities from low acuity encounters to a full remote examination using medical devices.  The breadth and depth of the solution eliminates inconvenient trip to the doctor’s office while accelerating the path to wellness.

Work Place Kiosk

Reduce the cost of care, improve access, maximize employee efficiency – these are some of the key benefits deploying telehealth kiosks in the workplace.  Allowing employers to ensure the health of their employees is maximized while employees can securely track their health information and engage a network of clinical staff, including behavioral health specialist to get the care they need whether on-demand or a scheduled encounter.

Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)

Improve clinical and operational outcomes – increase nurse efficiency, reduce readmissions and unnecessary transports while maximizing 24/7/365 extended coverage leveraging a full features telehealth platform and services. Easily integrate telehealth services into current workflows and protocols coupled with full integration with your EHR and medical devices to quickly capture patient vitals and support remote examinations.

Call Center Nurse Triage

Health Systems, Clinics, FQHC and Payers – your patient/member needs clinical assistance – maximize their path to wellness; Today the national average wait time for a primary care or specialty visit is 32 days. Mitigate unnecessary emergency transport services and ER visits by providing an instant access care hub. This provides immediate access to clinical services to triage and, if possible, transfer the patient to a provider.  The application can be private-labels and assessable web browser, mobile app and self-service kiosks.

Mobile Work Force

 A phone, mobile device, or desktop computer are all people need to engage clinical services remotely; GenieMD’s telehealth solution provides convenience of scheduling, less time spent waiting for care, more cost-effective care and immediate access to care for a workplace injury creates a safe and healthy work environment.

Home Health/Visiting Nurse Services

GenieMD’s telehealth home monitoring service provides patients with appropriate clinical devices to measure key vitals (ie. weight, glucose, blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, and more).  This data streams to a clinical repository and feed into our RPM engine.  A dashboard ranking patients based on the priority of need is rendered;  facilitating a provider to reach out to the patient and/or dispatch a visiting nurse;  the Visiting Nurse is also provided a mobile clinic on wheels – permitting them to perform necessary examinations and also calling into the provider to participate in the visit.

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