March 25, 2024 | Press Releases
GenieMD offers a comprehensive virtual care platform, integrating telehealth, remote patient monitoring, chronic care management, and AI-driven insights to impact the treatment and management of chronic diseases.
March 4, 2024 | Press Releases
In the United States alone, the limited English proficiency (LEP) population has grown significantly     (approximately 8%of the total population).  Language barriers in healthcare impedes equitable access to care, making it difficultfor providers to provide high-quality medical care.  When patients and healthcare professionals do not speak the same language, it can lead to misunderstandings, misdiagnoses, and inadequate treatment. Beyond the impact this has on a patient and theircare, it leaves healthcare organizations exposed to risk.
Apr 20, 2023 | Press Releases
Integrating Technology, People and Clinical Content with aim to improve Clinical Outcomes. April 10, 2023 – GenieMD, Inc (“GenieMD”), provider of an award-winning virtual care platform will  integrate evidence-based clinical content from the American Heart...
Apr 13, 2023 | Press Releases
Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management Just Got Easier
March 22, 2023 | Press Releases
New integration will consolidate patient data and improve RPM and CCM capabilities for people living with diabetes.
December 21, 2021 | Press Releases
The analysis does validate GenieMD’s differentiated value and vision coupled with energizing our path of continuous innovation
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