December 21, 2021

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 21, 2021 Frost & Sullivan is proud to present GenieMD with this year’s Best Practices Technology Innovation Leadership Award in the North America Virtual Care industry. Frost & Sullivan applies a rigorous analytical process to evaluate multiple nominees foreach Award category before determining the final Award recipient. The processinvolves a detailed evaluation of best practices criteria across two dimensions(i.e. Technology Leverage and Business Impact) for each nominated company.Frost & Sullivan recognized that GenieMD excels in many of the criteria inthe virtual care space.

GenieMD’s commitment to supplying high-qualitydigital health solutions and services is the cornerstone of receiving outstanding customer appreciation, further driving its innovation-centricfocus. The recently introduced virtual care platform, GenieMD CONTINUUMTM,underscores GenieMD’s commitment to providing continuous care for episodic andremote monitoring services. The platform integrates telehealth and several engagement modalities with RPM, RTM, and CCM, allowing providers to extend carefrom the hospital's brick-and-mortar setting to the patient’s home.

“GenieMD’s globally deployed virtual careplatform, CONTINUUM, is an end-to-end virtual care platform powered by cloud computing, Big Data, artificial intelligence, and mobile technologies. The single unified platform facilitates end-to-end care digitalization.” saidSupriya Lala Kundu, Best Practices Research Analyst, “Frost & Sullivan'sanalysts conclude that GenieMD delivers many value propositions, includingcontinuous care and monitoring of a patient’s health, a unique and personalized patient experience, video-based education, and messaging, empowering patientsto adhere to their clinician’s care pathways from home.”

“Recognizing the market competition coupled withFrost & Sullivan’s independent review, the team at GenieMD is extremely humbled by this cognition”, said Thomas Foley, Chief Growth Officer at GenieMD.“The analysis does validate GenieMD’s differentiated value and vision coupledwith energizing our path of continuous innovation.”

The platform delivers a continuous care modelbeyond the healthcare system's premises, extending care across all possible settings such as home, office, and schools. Notably, the newly launched CONTINUUM ensures care continuity for episodic and remote monitoring services,bolstering the patient experience. The company's market-differentiating virtualcare model eliminates lengthy patient wait times and commutes as well asengages patients throughout their care journey to improve wellness andoutcomes, thus lowering readmission, emergency department revisits, andassociated costs.

With its strong overall performance, GenieMDearns the 2021 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Leadership Award.

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Based in San Francisco, CA, GenieMD
is anaward-winning, global provider of telemedicine, remote patient monitoring andclinical call center triage solutions. GenieMD offers customized, white-labeledtelehealth solutions to hospitals, health networks, large group practices andcommercial insurance carriers. Its enterprise clients are based throughout theUnited States as well as globally. Maximizing the potential of cloud computing,big data, artificial intelligence and mobile technologies, GenieMD istransforming health care to provide the best and fastest care to patients whenthey need it most. GenieMD is Legitscript-approved, having met the highest standards for legality, safety and transparency. For more information visit

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