Remote Patient Monitoring

Chronic Care Management

The New Standard of Care

Care Transformation – close the gaps in care:

  • Maximize access
  • Empower patient engagement
  • Realize both clinical and financial outcomes

GenieMD provides a  modular virtual care platform supporting the following use cases:

  • Telehealth
  • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
  • Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM), and
  • Chronic Care Management (CCM)/Principal Care Management (PCM)

Scale at your convenience in terms of adding modules/classes-of- service when you are ready; as well incorporate additional chronic conditions, as necessary. Single, easy to use dashboard to manage patient population.


Value realized when deploying CCM programs include:

  • Reduce Readmission and use of Emergency Room
  • Increased Access to Care
  • Intervene Prior to Clinical Event(s)
  • Enhance Patient Engagement
  • Access to support between visits that can help patients maintain good health
  • Proactive care that can prevent unnecessary office visits resulting from letting issues develop unchecked



Value realized when deploying CCM programs include:

  • Personalized attention through coordinated care
  • Reduction in unnecessary hospital or emergency room visits
  • Ability to ask questions to a qualified provider over the phone
  • Help finding less-expensive medication and treatment options
  • Achieving health care goals reduces dependence on expensive therapies




Differentiated Position

GenieMD believes care is equated to Access. Engagement. and Outcomes – both clinically and financially.  While there is substantial revenue opportunities via the adoption of reimbursable virtual care services – performance of program objective is key.

GenieMD differentiated position:

  • 95% compliance for capturing vital on 16 days within a 30-day period
  • 97% of patients engaged for at least 20-minutes
  • 75% of patients engaged 40-minutes or more
  • 73.6 NPS – Better Patient Experience
  • If Billable criteria is not achieved – Client is NOT billed.

Return on Investment

The bridge from FFS to Value Based Care

Enrolled Patients: 100

Projected Average Monthly Revenue

Average PPPM Qualified Reimbursement $14,700
Cost of Services $7,000
Net Monthly Revenue $7,700

Annual Client Net Revenue Impact: $92,400


Note: Once enrolled, if patient doesn’t qualify for reimbursement, you are not billed for that patient – further mitigating your risk.

Integrated Medical Device Solutions

We simplify and accelerate deployment by providing a fully integrated end-to-end solution using many cellular, Bluetooth, and USB oriented medical devices to facilitate capture of physiological and therapeutic measures.

GenieMD’s virtual care platform coupled with integrated clinical content and stated medical devices establishes the framework to support the monitoring programs across many clinical categories – cardio, diabetes, respiratory, and weight lose to name a few.

Cellular Pulseox

Cellular Glucose Meter

Bluetooth Spirometer

Cellular Blood Pressure Meter

Bluetooth ECG

Cellular Scale

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Customer Service

Tel: (925) 460-9191

GenieMD Global Headquarters

9000 Crow Canyon Rd., Suite 630
Danville, CA 94506

Customer Service

Tel: (925) 460-9191

GenieMD Global Headquarters

9000 Crow Canyon Rd., Suite 630
Danville, CA 94506

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