Professional portrait of Tom Foley

Tom Foley
Chief Growth Officer, GenieMD, Inc.

We occasionally get asked what is meant by our ability to leverage one platform that scales across the community while servicing the unique needs of the patient.  Health systems and payers have the unique challenge as care delivery extends far beyond the four walls of a provider’s office or even the hospital setting; care is delivered in schools, the workplace, LTPAC/SNF, Correctional Centers, the home, inclusive of rural centers wanting to connect to larger institutions.  Each one of these locations has a different patient type and every patient has a unique journey on their path to wellness.

Across these settings of care there is a need to support a multitude of different clinical conditions: one patient has hypertension, another has diabetes, COPD, or a cardiac condition and worst case they may have comorbidities; The average patient with five chronic conditions sees nine different doctors each year; collectively, they only spend fifteen hours in front of their providers each year.  What occurs in the other 8,745 hours makes all the difference – care takes place in front of a doctor – wellness is achieved at home.  In a reimagined delivery of care model, you should be seen or heard by a doctor – you don’t have to go to the doctor. Therefore, any virtual care platform must support a portfolio of best-in-class medical devices coupled with a monitoring service to support the unique needs of each patient.  Hence, our kits contain the medical device(s), computing platform and connectivity to work out of the box – a frictionless approach to engagement.  We help our health system and payer clients support their patients regardless of setting – healthcare anywhere.

Hence, the GenieMD iVisit virtual care platform is one platform that scales across the community of care servicing the unique needs of the patient.  GenieMD is a healthcare company, if the technology doesn’t improve outcomes, then – don’t buy it.  Providers and patients need options/flexibility as to the best engagement modality based on need: from the asynchronous nature of the virtual front-door too synchronized video engagement then escalating to high acuity encounters ultimately providing Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) monitoring services 24/7/365 coupled with Chronic Care Management Services and in 2022 Remote Therapeutic Monitoring.

Such an approach allows health systems and payers to reduce the cost of readmissions, ED visits and improve a patient’s path to wellness – improved outcomes.  Just because a patient has Type 2 diabetes doesn’t mean they have to die with it – it’s about the cure – not just managing the symptoms.