SAN FRANCISCO, CA…Covid-19 has caused an exponential growth in the use of telehealth. According to research released this month by Doximity, the nation’s largest physician network, the number of Americans who reported having used telehealth since the COVID-19 outbreak began increased by 57 percent. But not all telehealth platforms are created equal.

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, government regulators relaxed their enforcement of certain rules governing telehealth. This allowed physicians and other healthcare providers to quickly pivot to providing virtual visits using a variety of platforms. However, compliance with legislation, particularly concerning privacy and credentialing, is an important feature that patients should look for when choosing a telemedicine app, according to Danielle Plummer, PharmD, Director of Customer Success at GenieMD.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated adoption of telehealth, and we view that as a positive development,” said Dr. Plummer. “But patients still need to exercise caution when choosing a telehealth provider to protect their health and safeguard their privacy.”

Dr. Plummer recommends that consumers select a telehealth app that offers these features:

  • Is HIPAA-compliant. This means that your protected health information, or PHI, will be secured and kept confidential;
  • Uses board-certified physicians to diagnose and prescribe medication;
  • Uses physicians who are licensed in your state;
  • Offers referrals to specialists when indicated;
  • Leverages artificial intelligence to foster more timely treatment by the appropriate health professional.

With telehealth’s growth in popularity and acceptance has come a rush of telehealth apps and providers into the marketplace. Dr. Plummer emphasizes that, among telehealth providers, there are many variations in security, compliance, and credentialing. She advises looking for a platform that is Legitscript® certified, indicating that the platform meets objective, third-party standards for legality, safety and transparency.

GenieMD offers a telehealth platform that meets and exceeds these standards. With the iVisit app, patients often pay less than they would for an insurance co-pay for a typical office visit.

For additional information, visit or download the iVisit app.