Health Systems

Extend care to the home (Telehealth, RPM, RTM and CCM);
Reduce ED visits, lower Re-admits; improve quality of care

Health Systems

Extend care to the home (Telehealth, RPM, RPM, RTM, and CCM); Reduce ED visits, lower re-admits; improve quality of care

An estimated 60% of Medicare ED visits are considered avoidable, 27% of 30-Day Hospital Readmissions are preventable. Telehealth, RPM and CCM are often interdependent to improved outcomes. CMS allows for reimbursement of both services within the same month – a funded program to extend care into the home and improve care outcomes.

Continuous Care

Provide direct continuous care with an integrated Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM), and Chronic Care Management capabilities.

One Virtual Unified Platform

Establish one virtual care platform that supports the integration of medical devices and consumer-oriented devices to capture patient’s physiologic/non-physiologic.

Digital Front Door

Virtually triage the patient to maximize efficient access and time to care. Reduce patient wait time for services, reduce utilization of ED resources, reduce readmissions, and improve patient outcomes.  Overall, a better care experience.

Enable Health Equity and Enterprise Growth

Recognizing health equity as a strategic imperative requires the abilities to deploy technology as an enabler of care adding long-term value by eliminating disparities.

Caring in the Home

Enable the home to be a true setting of care, improving outcomes, reduced cost of care and ED visits (or misuse of the ED) as well as avoid costing and preventable hospital re/admissions.

Clinical Services

Care that is always available – supplement your clinical services with 3rd party clinical services.

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